Oaxaca – the land of chocolate

Imagine a land where everything is made of chocolate… No, this is not  the beginning of the Hansel and Gratel fairy tale – it is an authentic place in Mexico and it is called Oaxaca.

After rather longish trip from Mexico City through Sierra Madre mountains we finally arrived to Oaxaca. Although it was already after sunset the place made an impression of a quiet and quite elegant town. Cobbled streets, one or two storey buildings, colonial-style city plan and friendly mexicans on the streets made for a good beginning. Our beds in the cosy Pochon hostel were already waiting for us and after a quick refreshing we went out to eat some Pozole (mexican-style meat soup).

However, real expolration of the treasures of Oaxaca did not start until next morning. Next to spacious plazas, impressive mexican-baroque churches and quiet parks we found busy street markets with handcraft, vegies and food.

Above all, the main specialization of Oaxaca is cocoa. In different forms: chocolate, hot chocolate, in coffee or even… as a spicy dark sauce called mole negro. It is usually served with some tortillas or in a chicken stew. That is right – chicken served in hot chocolate! We tried it on one of street markets and it was absolutely delicious. Like nothing we have eaten before, in a good sense. If you ever come to Oaxaca, you have to eat some (don’t worry we are bringing some of the sauce home, so you if you hurry we can share some).

We just hope the witch (known here as Montezuma) will not catch us tomorrow and punish with the food poisoning.

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