1 more day

Our bags are almost packed, tickets booked and visas stamped in our passports. Tomorrow the longest holiday and the biggest adventure of my life starts. How do I feel? I think it is like going into unknown, it is like the first time I landed in Spain – a little unsure about my future but aware of the fact that a new phase of my life has just started. I think it is similar this time, but not quite the same, because I won’t be there alone this time. This is a large relief, but on the other hand I have the feeling of being responsible for someone and for the first time I am not affraid of that.

We have been planning this trip since the beginning of our relationship. It has been a topic very often reoccurring in our discussions. Although we could still prepare for the trip much better we are going there with open minds: no expectations, no prejudice, no stereotypes… I can’t wait to experience Thailand and I am happy I can share the adventure with Maja.

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