Graifuna drummers

Sorry for not updating our blog regurarly. We were all the time on the way and Bartek was to lazy to write about our adventures in English. Lets start from where we left off…

After relaxing on the Mazunte beach we went to San Cristobal de las Casas in the district of Chiapas. We went on a boat trip to a Sundero canyon, which is a magic place surrounded by cliffs and tropical wildlife (including crocodiles). We stayed just one night in San Cristobal and went to Palenque to see Maya ruins. After Palenque we went to Guatemalan border. When we got there we were informed that the villagers blocked the road and the mexican immigration was closed. Nevertheless, the boaters offered to take us to Guatemalan immigration which solocited illegal fees but otherwise were nice enough to let us enter Guatemala. In Guatemala we went to El Remate which is a town next to famous Tikal ruins.

We went to the ruins next morning at 5:45am. However, the sights were worth the early wake up. Tikal is in the middle of the jungle and on arrival we could hear the sounds of animals including dozen species of birds and howler monkeys. The ruins were amazing – high pyramids with steep stairs hidden in the jungle and narrow trails trough the jungle connecting them. We also saw some monkeys, spiders, tarantulas and beautiful butterflies on the way.

After Tikal we spent one day on an island called Flores from where we went to Belize.

In Belize, we first went to the island Caye Caulker which is next to the second longest reef in the world. We took a full day snorkling tour to the reef. We swam with sharks, sting rays, manatees and around coral garden. It was like swimming in the aquarium.

Finally, we reached Hopkins on the mainland,where we enjoyed sun, pristine sand beaches, Garifuna culture, drumming and baths at full moon! Intrestingly, just after arrival we were offered some weed and rum (of course we rejected both).

For next 3 days we want to keep to ourselves, so sorry if you do not get any messages.

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  1. Hey, I just want to make sure you both are okay, kicking and enjoying the sun and the beach. I heard the ruins are to die for….so finally I got to read the blog in English. Thank you guys.