Finally honeymoon!

As much as we enjoyed last two weeks: first, wonderful wedding at which we met all old friends and then the travel to Mexico, it was very hectic and, honestly, stressful time. Therefore we longed for some rest at the beach sipping coctails and just enjoying each others companionship. The dream could finally come true once we arrived to Mazunte – a small village situated at the Pacific Ocean.

Mazunte is a charming village with a nice mexican atmosphere and without the noise of the typical beach resorts (such as Acapulco). Its beaches are rather pristine, beautifully hidden in the rocky bays. Many of the bungalows are facing the sea and have a beautiful view and are surrounded by the mesmarizing sound of the forceful waves of the Pacific. People here have much darker complexion, but also seem a lot more friendly (but with Mexican indifference). There are not many tourists here, but many of them seem of mexican or hispanic origins making the place more authentic (you do not hear that much english in here).

However, Mazunte is no paradise. Barely a month ago it was hit by a hurricane that took off the roofs of 60% of houses (it does not say much, because the roofs are made of palm leaves). Fortunately, when we came most of the houses have been already rebuilt and we found little traces of the recent hurricane. What struck us the most is the heat – coming from the more mild climate of the highlands, we were all wet as soon as we left the bus. It is actually hard to do anything during the day, because the high temperature and high humidity are almost unbearable. Of course, most of the rooms here do not have an air-conn making it hard to escape the heat. Secondly, the insects keep going everywhere and invisible mosquitos bite like hell. The only possible activity during the day is just staying in the shade and waiting for the evening cool to come. Suprisingly, that is exactly what we needed!

We got a nice room with a terrace and a sea view, but most of the time we spent reading, looking at the sea and drinking flavoured agua. In the evenings, we could have strolls on the beach or to a wonderful view point from nearby rocks.We also tried swimming in the ocean, but very strong waves made it rather a hazardful activity.

It is a pitty to leave this relaxing place – tonight we are heading to San Cristobal de las Casas to hunt more Maya treasures.

One thought on “Finally honeymoon!

  1. Hey guys, finally…enjoying the blog. It’s been fun reading. Enjoy more, relax more, Drink more and write more. Kisses to both.